Home Purchase Cost Estimate

The purchase price is the biggest expense in buying a home. But there are many other costs you must be prepared to pay as well.

Cost of the Home 

Purchase price $
GST (newly built homes only) $

Total cost of the home $

Up-Front Costs 

Appraisal fee (if applicable) $
Deposit (to be paid when you sign the Offer to Purchase) $
Down payment $
Estoppel certificate fee (for condominium/strata unit) $
Home inspection fee $
Land registration fee $
Legal fees and disbursements $
Mortgage broker's fee (if applicable) $
Mortgage loan insurance premium (can be included in your mortgage) $
Adjustment for prepaid property taxes and/or utility bills $
Property insurance $
Survey or Certificate of Location fee $
Title insurance $
Other up-front costs $
Total up-front costs $

Other Costs 

New appliances $
Gardening equipment $
Equipment for clearing snow $
Window coverings (curtains, blinds, etc) $
Decorations $
Hand tools $
Dehumidifier $
Moving expenses $
Renovations or repairs $
Fees to set up utilities and other services $
Condominium fees $
Total other costs $

Total costs (cost of home + up-front costs + other costs): $
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