09/24/2016 YIMBY Festival 2016: Massively Open Downtown Free

YIMBY brings 100 community groups from across Toronto right to your fingertips in a social space to learn about what's happening, exchange ideas and strategies to make change, and turn the tables on politicians and policy makers. Follow the event on facebook to stay up to date www.facebook.com/events/647645882064335/ This year's theme is Massively Open - exploring how inclusivity & accessibility, and sharing connections, vulnerability, expertise, data, and more can strengthen our work. This event is free and runs 12-4pm. Metro Hall is physically accessible and is a scent-free atmosphere. For more info on the venue visit: bit.ly/1UEXcqB If you'd like to volunteer at YIMBY: Fill out our volunteer form here: bit.ly/2b1Kvo1
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