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The safest seat on an aircraft

Those in rear seats (behind the wing’s trailing edge) were safest – survival rates were 69 per cent as opposed to 56 per cent over the wing and 49 per cent for those at the front of the plane.


来源网站:世界日报 研究显示,加美两地移民趋势逆转,愈来愈多美国人选择移民加拿大,以2008年为例,人数为1万1216人,较2000年增加一倍以上。反观南下移居美国的加拿大人则从2005年近3万人,减至去年的2万人,减幅达31%。专家认为这是好现象,不仅加国人才流失情况改善,又可从世界各地吸引优秀专才。 加拿大研究协会(Association for Canadian Studies)最新公布的研究显示,加美两地移民趋势逆转,过去加国人才大量流向美国的情况已见改善,且来自美国的移民持续增加,2008年有1万1216名美国人移民加拿大,是2005年的一倍以上。 根据移民部资料,过去几年来自美国的移民人数每年维持约1万人,以2012年为例,共9414人,是加拿大第5大移民来源国,仅次于中国、印度、菲律宾及巴基斯坦。

图为加美边境和平门。(取材自维基百科) 过去几年加美两国移民消长,愈来愈多美国人选择移居加拿大。 反观过去几年,南下移民美国的加拿大人则大幅减少,从2005年的高峰期2万9138人,减至去年的2万138人,减幅多达31%。 专家认为,过去几年美国不景气,而加拿大经济相对强劲,吸引许多美国人北上谋职,研究也显示,27%移居美国的加拿大人是退休者。 这些对加拿大而言是好消息,代表过去人才不断流向美国的情况已获改善,与此同时,加拿大又可从世界各地吸引优秀的技术专才。

Community Legal Clinics in Ontario

Legal Aid Ontario funds 77 community legal clinics throughout the province. Thirteen of these clinics provide specialty legal services. Each is a non-profit legal centre, governed by an independant board of directors representative of the community it serves. Clinics employ lawyers, legal workers, paralegals and administrative staff to provide information, legal advice and representation.

Summer Safety Tips for Kids

There are many hazards that come along with summer activities, whether they be campfires, bug bites or sunburns, so familiarize yourself with safety rules, set proper limits and supervise your children. When engaging in activities that involve bikes, cars, boats or other transportation, make sure to follow the safety rules and regulations, such as putting on helmets, car seats and life jackets. Also, never leave your children unattended in a closed parked car in the summer heat — the heat escalates rapidly and could cause your child to lose consciousness.